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Alpha Tradex can help you to enjoy real financial freedom by trading on some of the leading global markets. Using the industry gold standard MT4 trading platform, it’s never been easier to start trading in the markets of your choice.

Here’s a closer look at the instruments we offer.

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Range Of Instruments


50+ currency pairs
Tight spreads & no-requotes
24/5 hours
No hidden charges


Suitable for short-term and long-term
Commonly used to hedge currencies
High liquidity = more profits
No hidden fees


Trade Anytime from anywhere
Superior liquidity
Tight Spreads
Greater leverage


Suitable for short-term and long-term
Commonly used to hedge currencies
High liquidity = more profits
No hidden fees


Invest in Stocks for the Power of Compounding
Dividend Stocks for Steady Income
Historically They Have Gone Up
Stocks for Tax Free Profits

Out of all the global markets, forex has the highest volume of liquidity with in excess of $5 trillion every day. It’s an instrument which is one of the most popular in the world among both corporate and retail traders. All trading markets have an impact on forex, and this makes it possible to constantly exploit an incredibly profitable market.

Whether you enjoy fast-paced scalping or longer-term positional trading, forex provides a unique opportunity to reap the rewards of financial success.

It’s essential to have a clear strategy when trading forex, to be able to both take advantage of beneficial market positions and also to limit potential losses. Our Trader’s Cabinet offers access to a broad range of tools, including technical analysis, to help you make the most of market volatility.

There are lots of reasons to choose Alpha Tradex for all your forex trading requirements. With a huge number of currency pairs to choose from and tight spreads, there’s the maximum chance to profit from your trading strategy. With support around the clock and no hidden charges, you’ll experience the highest possible returns on your investment.

Access global equity markets on the Alpha Tradex platform by trading indices. One of the most popular instruments among our traders, indices track the performance of specific sectors in the stock market. Fluctuations and movement in the market allow traders to capitalise for maximum profits.

You can trade indices either as a solo investment or coupled with forex as a hedging mechanism. With high liquidity and trades available for both short and long term positions, it’s a flexible instrument that will suit many traders.

The volatility of the indices market is heavily impacted by external factors such as politics, currency and the economy. In our available tools you’ll find an economic calendar which is extremely useful data for when you’re planning your trading strategy.

If you have specific knowledge relating to a sector which dominates a particular index, this can be an advantage but it’s not essential to start trading. A trading strategy should always be based on multiple factors to ensure you’re taking the most balanced approach.

Indices are suitable for both new and experienced traders as it offers deep liquidity backed up by in-depth analysis and data. Whether you’re looking to trade part-time or make it a full-time venture, trading indices can be an exciting proposition.

Metals are in such high demand, they command a market sector all of their own. With increased awareness around the use of plastics, the future of metals looks stronger than ever. With many emerging countries advancing globally, the metals market offers vast opportunities for traders seeking out growth and demand.

After forex, metals is the most liquid market for traders, with CFDs offering an easy way to trade on the price movement. Adding metals to your investment portfolio provides opportunities to grow exponentially, whatever strategy you choose to implement.

It’s possible to trade precious metals such as gold and silver or invest in industrial metals including steel, tin and lead. Copper offers an opportunity to dip into both as it has manifold industrial applications as well as being prized for its cosmetic appearance within jewellery.

Some of the factors which influence the price of metals include technology innovation, the economy of BRICS countries, population growth and environmental regulations.

With high leverage, tight spreads and the ability to go long or short, the metals market offers exciting opportunities for all types of trader.

If you’re passionate about trading, commodities is one of the most fascinating markets to enter. Covering a diverse range of raw materials and agricultural products, the commodities market is broken down into four broad categories: energy, metals, agriculture and meat/livestock.

To be clear, you will never actually own commodities, but instead you’re placing a trade based on the movement on the price. You can opt for rolling daily or futures contracts, depending on whether you want to trade based on short-term price movement on speculate on the longer term.

Just like other types of trading, there are certain external factors which play a large part in influencing the movement of the commodities market. Government policy, geopolitical issues, supply/demand and the weather all have a significant role in moving the price of commodities.

If you’re looking for a way to diversify your investment, the commodities market offers a heavily liquid market with massive opportunities that can be exploited. Choose the commodity you want to trade based on your personal interest and implement your strategy for maximum returns.

Invest in hundreds of US stocks, including some of the best-known household names. Trading price movements of shares from companies like Microsoft, Apple and Volkswagen offers you access to popular company stocks without having to purchase them outright. Whatever your investment goals may be, make the most of today’s market action and start trading stock.